Limited Internet Access

Due to my current ISP, Clear, selling the company to Sprint, and Sprint not continuing the internet service (they just wanted the cell towers for phone service), I will no longer have internet access at home for the foreseeable future. I’ll have to go to the library to connect, which obviously makes things a wee bit inconvenient!

What this means for the blog is that I will continue to post previews, but my little park news tidbits and photos will be much more infrequent. I’m posting this so all my subscribers know that I’ll still be alive, just a bit out of touch.

My disconnectedness starts Thursday, and I anticipate severe withdrawal symptoms.

6 thoughts on “Limited Internet Access

  1. Oh no! That’s so dreadfully inconvenient. I hope you can get internet at your home again soon. I’ve experienced those internet withdrawals when our internet service has been down and it’s terrible!


    • I was a day off, Friday is when it starts. Yay for an extra day! Heh. I figure after the holidays I’ll find some money I can put towards getting a new ISP. This is just bad timing with Christmas shopping right around the corner.


      • That is really bad timing. Online shopping is what gets me through the holidays. I’m glad you get an extra day to get in some internet time though. Enjoy! And hopefully you’ll have it back sooner than expected.


      • I’ll still shop online! Just have to go to the library to do it. Luckily the library near me has a small quiet room with a couple comfortable chairs and a counter with office chairs for use as a desk. So at least it’s a setup that doesn’t trigger anxiety. What I can’t get online is usually available in the form of a gift card! (The bad timing part has more to do with needing what little money I have for gifts rather than new ISP equipment, setup, fees, etc.)


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