Guide to Photographing Seattle

Joe Becker is a Pacific Northwest photographer whose blog I just recently started following. His latest post announced that he got a contract with a publisher for his Scenic Seattle book, which is a guide to photographing the Emerald City. Currently the first edition is a self-published ebook available for sale through his blog. Due to the publishing contract he will be removing it from sale in a few days.

I wasn’t aware of the ebook until the announcement, so just bought a copy yesterday. Paging quickly through it, I think it’s easily worth the purchase price of $5.99. The book covers some general info about Seattle and then lists about 60 specific places to go to take pictures. Each site listing is pretty brief, but includes all the most basic needed info. Two of the most useful tips given for each location is best time of day to take photos and what you can expect to see there.

Scenic Seattle is probably most useful to tourists unfamiliar with the city. But for people like me who have lived here for decades and are only just now starting to get out with a camera more often, it gives excellent suggestions on where to go without having to do all the reasearch yourself. (Be aware that prices listed for places with fees are slightly outdated.) Many of the locations in the book are places I already have on my list to eventually preview on this blog, but I’m also getting ideas of places to add to the list.

If you prefer a print copy, the publisher will be releasing the second edition next spring, which will include about twenty more locations. It will be available in local bookstores. The publisher does not currently produce ebooks, so if that’s your preference you will definitely want to buy the book right now. I bought the vertical pdf for use on my tablet, since that’s where I like to keep my reference books.

To order the ebook before it’s removed from sale, go to the link below and click on the version you want. It’s available in mobi, epub, and two pdf formats without DRM. Payment is through PayPal and you will receive the ebook as an email attachment to your PayPal email address.

Scenic Seattle

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