Seattle: Northacres Park






North Seattle

Special Features:

Old douglas fir and cedar trees
Walking paths
Offleash dog area

Park Entrance:

The main park entrance is on the east side of 1st Ave NE, just south of NE 130th. (On the west side of I-5.)
Enter the main lot at its south end and exit from the north end.
The second entrance, to the overflow area, is kinda hidden within the neighborhood:
Turn east at the 5-way stop onto NE 125th.
Go 2 blocks, turn north on 3rd, and drive past the ball field bleachers.



Northacres Park is good-sized, has some lovely older trees, and if you live within easy distance it’s worth checking out.

The park has been getting a lot of upgrades in the last three or so years, including completely new children’s playgrounds and improvements to some of the walking paths.

I haven’t checked the feature out in summer yet, but there is apparently some sort of new water play area that replaced the old wading pool. It is located northwest of the playgrounds.

The playgrounds and restrooms are reached by a short paved walkway from the north end of the main parking lot.

Northacres has paved, gravel, and dirt walking paths, some going through a patch of woods. None of them are real long in distance and there are a few different ways to make loops. You can access the paths from both parking lots.

The beautiful picnic area is next to the south end of the main parking lot and has several tables spread widely apart. They are around a lawn, set underneath large douglas fir and cedar trees, with plenty of crows and resident squirrels to keep you company. If it weren’t for the street noise you’d feel like you were at a state park.

The offleash dog park is located at the end of the loop in the overflow parking area, just past the ball fields. The dog area is fully fenced, and has a double gate to prevent runaway fidos.

There is a small open area just inside the gate with a water pump, poop bags, and benches for sitting. A wide path goes around the entire perimeter through the woods. The dog area is nicely maintained by volunteers. I wish it had been there when my dog was still alive!

Because of the tall evergreens Northacres Park is especially pretty right after a snowfall.

Things to Know


6 am – 10 pm


Northacres is lacking in benches.

The only places to sit are at the picnic tables, the low cement walls around the play areas, and in the dog park.


The main bathrooms are located next to the playground, but they are often locked in the off-season. (Which makes no sense considering how many people use the park every day!)

There is a large porta potty available in the overflow parking area by the ball fields. (There are real bathrooms located there also, but the porta potty leads me to believe they are either always closed, or only open during official ballgames.)


There are a couple handicap slots at the north end of the main lot, right next to the paved walkway to the play area and bathrooms.

The overflow loop is by the ball fields and dog park.

The main lot can sometimes fill up during late afternoon hours in warmer weather. But between the main lot and the overflow loop there is always parking available.


Northacres is regularly used by many people living in the area. But the park is large enough that it has never felt crowded to me, even when the main parking lot is full. I’ve never seen all the picnic tables in use at the same time.

Special Note:

Because of the large evergreen trees the park can feel a bit dark and creepy once the sun gets low in the west. I’ve never had a bad experience there and I used the park frequently when I had my dog, at all different times of day. It’s just something to keep in mind when planning the timing of your first outing in order to get a best first impression.


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