Anywhere There’s Water


It’s a common topic on this blog that I love water in all its forms. What I haven’t mentioned is that when I’m asked to name a favorite anything, I usually can’t. I love reading too much to have one favorite book. I’ve enjoyed too many great movies to pick just one. Even my favorite color depends on context.

So when the topic for this week’s WPC was “favorite place” it didn’t surprise me that there was no way I could name a single, absolute favorite place. It also didn’t surprise me that most of my many favorite places have a unifying theme of being near water.

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Wonderful Water


The theme for the WPC this week is “satisfaction.” For me, water in its many forms is insanely satisfying. From small burbling fountains to the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean.

Water is audibly satisfying. It can be melodious or deafening. Water is visually satisfying. It creates never-ending patterns and designs as it moves, or as wind riffles its surface. It reflects sunlight and moonlight in dazzling displays, or lights or scenery in peaceful calm. Even its taste. There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of drinking cold water straight from a spring on a hot day.


Watery Goodness



The theme for the WPC this week is ambience. As the post explains: “Ambience is the atmosphere of one’s surrounding environment. It basically boils down to how one’s surroundings impact the human senses and alter the feelings of an individual.”

All sorts of things can positively or negatively affect a location’s ambience, from odors, to design, to temperature. Most people feel that the warm light of candles or a fireplace greatly enhances ambience.

What immediately popped into my head when I read the post was water. Any kind of water feature improves ambience. It could be an aquarium,  fountain, babbling brook, waterfall, or decorative pond. Water is appealing both visually and in the sounds it makes. Take any room or outdoor spot, add water, and I’m a happier camper.

It should be no surprise then that water is my favorite photography subject.