Photographing the Solar Eclipse


The last time I had a chance to see a solar eclipse was in 1979. It was 98% coverage where I lived in Edmonds, if I’m recalling correctly. But, typical of Western Washington, we had thick cloud cover on that February day. It was so disappointing. The year 2017 for the next eclipse was impossible to even comprehend for my 17 year-old self.

But here I am, a middle-aged woman in the year 2017. Amazing. The whole thing is still kinda weird if you ask me.

When this eclipse started drawing near I was hesitantly excited because I so much wanted to see it but was dreading another huge disappointment. I figured this would be my last chance to see an eclipse in this lifetime.

The weather gods took pity on me. We didn’t have the typical morning marine layer as the day dawned, only horizon haze, with no clouds to speak of overhead.

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