Urban Outing Part 3: On a Clear Day You Can See Forever

view from columbia center in seattle

For those landing on this page specifically to compare the Seattle Space Needle to the Sky View Observatory, scroll down to just below the photos.

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The trip from┬áthe Mt. Baker Ridge Viewpoint to the Columbia Center for the next stop on my best friend’s urban birthday tour couldn’t have gone more smoothly. We drove right to the parking garage entrance with nary a problem.

This was a huge relief because I’d been dreading driving downtown. It helped immensely that we didn’t have to deal with hairy weekday traffic. Anxiety attack successfully avoided!

The Sky View Observatory was the Really Big Thing I planned for our Seattle outing. The most touristy, most urban thing. Neither of us had been there before, and I was excited to visit such an attraction for the first time in my own city.

The observatory is something anyone can enjoy, whether you’re a lifelong Seattle area resident or just here for one day before an Alaska cruise.

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