Photography for Beginners: It’s All About Light

Photography for Beginners: Introduction



It’s easy to get the mistaken impression that photography is all about cameras. But a camera is actually just a tool that gathers light.

The (abbreviated) definition of photography is: The art or process of producing an image by the action of light.

The word photograph itself comes from the Greek words photo, meaning light, and graph, which means write. A photo print is essentially light written onto a piece of special paper.

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Photography for Beginners: Introduction

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I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now, and a recent comment on one of my posts from someone new to photography got me to thinking about it in a more focused way. So here it is, my opening post in a series for beginning photographers.

My target audience is people who have only used their phones or basic cameras set to full automatic to take pictures, and have decided they would like to learn how to take more control over their photography to create better images.

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