Cruising the Lakes

northpassagepoint7-23-15 169


The Islander was built in 1945 (primarily by women because so many men were off to war) to navigate the Great Lakes. In 1971 she sailed through the Panama Canal to the Pacific Northwest where she still cruises around lakes, though much smaller ones.

Here she is sailing from Lake Washington to Lake Union via the Ship Canal in Seattle, passing under the University Bridge. Photo taken from North Passage Point Park in July 2015. Posted for Cee’s B&W Challenge with the topic of things with engines or motors.

Trip to the Past

fishterm4-9-16 004


She looks like a grand old lady of the sea, but this vessel was actually built in 1984 as a replica of early 1900s coastal steamers. She was purchased and refurbished by Un-Cruise in 2013, and is decorated with a Victorian theme. I’d love to sail on her some day. Gotta find me a winning Lotto ticket!

Photo taken at Fishermen’s Terminal in April 2016 and posted for Cee’s B&W Challenge with the theme of large subjects.