11 thoughts on “Aurora Borealis

    • Haha! Yeah, going south doesn’t help. I’ve seen the aurora twice, once at the end of May and this photo is from September. It looks like you live in the UK? Maybe you could get up to Scotland when a prediction looks promising during the warmer months. If I recall correctly there were a couple really good shows there this late summer and fall. I’m in an aurora group on Facebook for Washington State and you can probably find one for the UK. It’s a good way to keep tabs on when there might be activity.

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        • Do! The people in these groups are usually very helpful with educating newbies about aurora prediction info. I saw the May show purely by accident and found the FB group after that. I saw the September show only because of the FB group tracking solar activity and everyone getting excited about going out that night to give it a try. We were rewarded with a great show.

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        • What a wonderful group. Just been searching for a UK one, not found one yet but there are notifications .. . I’ll sign up to receive them next Autumn when we might be able to travel up to Scotland at short notice.

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