Snowy Seattle Parks



It snowed here in Seattle a week ago today. It was the second real snow this winter after two years of nothing. (Light dustings don’t count.) The snow in December was entirely at night, so not very conducive to a photography outing. (I did go out briefly, but I mostly just got wet.)

We got about 2 inches in my part of the city, in the daytime. Just enough to make everything pretty. It was a perfect snow in the sense that the roads never really froze up, so getting around was easy peasy. (Seattle tends towards either treacherous ice underneath the snow or thick slush on the roadways. When combined with our hilly terrain it makes for hazardous driving conditions, even when it’s only an inch deep.)

Since most of the snow fell in the morning this time I got to go out and enjoy myself for a couple hours. In their previews I mentioned that Northacres Park and Hamlin Park are both especially pretty in the snow, and that’s where I went.

Three hours after the last photo was taken the flakes had stopped falling and we were well on our way to a quick melt. But it was fun while it lasted.










6 thoughts on “Snowy Seattle Parks

    • You’re right. That’s why I took the pic of the little kids in their snowsuits, because it was little pops of color in a monochrome world.


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