Anna’s Hummingbird

magnusongardens11-4-15 080


Anna’s hummingbirds are originally from California, but have been extending their range over the last more than half a century, and currently reach up into southern British Columbia. Their expansion success is attributed to the proliferation of gardens and feeders. They are now common in the Puget Sound region and are seen here year-round.

I took these photos in November 2015 at the Magnuson Park community garden.


magnusongardens11-4-15 078


2 thoughts on “Anna’s Hummingbird

  1. Oh, so beautiful! You’re the bird whisperer! I’ve never even come close to capturing a hummingbird before. They zip into my yard and out before I can even stand up to get my camera.


    • My secret trick in this case is that I was already seated at the nearby picnic table with my camera when it buzzed in. So I didn’t scare it off by having to move around. 🙂

      Also this was the first time I ever really captured one. The only previous pic I’d ever managed to get the hummingbird was perched on a twig, backlit and further away, so it’s just a fuzzy silhouette, heh.


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