10 thoughts on “Bridge Over the Skagit

  1. If I remember right, the beach under that bridge is where I fell off a rock and somehow lined my ear canal up with a stick on my way to the ground. It was just a small puncture in my ear drum but, dang, it hurt!

    Cool shot of the bridge and the river. Seeing photos of the Skagit makes me a little homesick! I grew up in Birdsview, right along the river.


    • OMG about your ear! I was in a pool once when a man playing around with some kids got his eardrum punctured and he was unconscious for a while. The pain must be incredible.

      Washington has many beautiful rivers, but the Skagit is one of my favorites. From up in the mountains to down in the valley where it runs into the sound, so many different looks and types of scenery. It must have been a great place to grow up.


    • Oh, I forgot to add. In the sand of the little beach there I saw the hoof print from a deer. I was disappointed I couldn’t have been there the same time the deer was.


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